Dear God,

Thank you for this special opportunity! :D I didn’t even know this would happen today! Lord, I pray that if it is your will for me to go to Harvard, please allow it to happen. I cannot do this merely on my own, but surely with your goodness and power, it will happen. God, I have to confess: I am horrible at interviews >.< Please help me learn how to speak in an interview properly, as well as feeling relaxed and being myself. Lord, I am a little nervous about this. Please help me feel assured during the interview two weeks from now in which I will be modest, honest, and myself. Let me have a relaxed body and enjoy this interview. I thank you very much!

Love, Kitty

God, thank you for letting me write another brilliant essay! :) You are truly my muse!

lol, I went on Facebook and thought it was my account until I clicked one of my notifications and saw Joe’s picture xP

Then, I felt mischievous and wrote the status:

Hi, my name is Joe. I love pie. And I love my awesome sister, Christine, and buy her many, many watermelons and fruits.

LOL IT was his status for like 30 seconds until he deleted it T___T hahaha

<Sigh> (I really did give a sigh hahaha :P) Another scholarship due in the next day -.-

I’m such a procrastinator! It makes me wish that I finished them ages ago during break, but at the same time I don’t because the work keeps me focused and diligent. Luckily for me, this scholarship makes you write only three essays! Yay! And even luckier for me, I already finished two! :) I have one more to go :D I do hope that I can write a good essay for this, or somehow combine my other essays! Well, wish me luck, everyone! And please help me once more, God! ;) <3 <3 <3

Ahhhhh…. :)

The feeling you get when you click on that scholarship “SUBMIT” button~ :D

Thank you, God, for letting me finish strong! <3

Today’s been a pretty good day! :) Thank you!

Now that I’m home, I get to eat some snacks and finish the rest of the application.

Please help me once more as I finish the application and let me finish on time! I need to submit it before 9 pm! :) I know that you’ll watch over me and help me


(by llore87)

BEAUTIFUL~ :D Reminds me a little of Harry Potter!


Light From Above (by flopper)

the Nature truly is beautiful~ :) I wish I could live in the mountains, next to a lake